Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Park Rats

Today was a day for mad skillz and phat tricks. Agility day at Kincaid Park. 

Here's Skippy

Hailey vs Toomas

Marcus and Pietro. In Alpine skiing, what Von Scheben is doing is referred to as a "hook". And they disqualify you every time you do it.

Sadie vs Bjork

Toomas pretty much dominated the men's side until the last round when Zacke came through for the tie.
That's Skippy on the tarmac in the background. But she wasn't just lying there. At the moment I snapped this photo, she was sliding across the pavement at about Mach 1 after coming into the finish a little hot.
Here's Bjork, who showed up with the illest park skillz to rule the day, hands down.

Bjork was actually going backward in this photo. No joke.

But Hanna came out of nowhere to win the final round after Bjork taught her how to roll straight to switch for the backward section of the skillz course.
Seems like most everyone crashed at least once today. Hanna, Skippy...  But Bjork had the bloodiest of all, with a tragic disaster at the drag race finish line, which left her dripping blood, oozing blood, and bleeding.
Skippy didn't get many chances to put her first aid skills to use this summer lifeguarding at the UAA pool. But she did get a chance to take care of her teammate Bjork today. It was at about this time that I heard Sara suggest that Casey use more bandages to try to keep the team van from looking like a murder scene.

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