Sunday, July 3, 2016

Last Sunday Seems Like a Very Long Time Ago

Thousands of miles by airplane, all within Alaska

Monday: Shishaldin Volcano is a perfect cone, and it's always steaming. This could be a great future ski trip from False Pass!

Approaching Unalaska by air

I had time for a short hiking trip in Unalaska after work

There's no nicer place to be than Unalaska on a sunny summer day

And no better place for hiking

Wednesday:  Back in Anchorage for hiking with Marine and Etienne above town

Former University of Alaska skiers Etienne, Theresia and Marine

Thursday: Back out west. Here's Veniaminof.  A huge crater.

The vent on Mt Veniaminof. Another volcano that's always steaming.

The cemetery in Sand Point. 11pm

Sand Point on Thursday night

Onto the Alaska State Ferry for the overnight trip to King Cove. Here's Mt. Pavlov at 3:30am.  Why was I awake?  What can I say - I like boats.

King Cove arrival at 7am

Climbed into Guy's airplane for s short trip across to Cold Bay to catch a flight back home.

Saturday: Out west one more time - to Naknek where the commercial fishing season is in high gear.

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