Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Here we go...

It's been a little quiet around UAA Ski Team HQ lately.  Team members scattered far and wide during the holiday break, but the group comes back together this week in preparation for our first RMISA races of the season.

Andrew is currently in Houghton, Michigan for the US National Championships with Sadie Fox, David McPhetres and Mackenzie Kanady.  You can follow them here and here.

Sara is in Utah with most of the rest of the team, preparing for next weekend's first RMISA college races of the season. They'll be joined by the US Nationals crew at the end of this week.  Etienne is traveling to Utah from Quebec, Mario is coming back from Italy, and the rest of the team is flying down from Anchorage where they spent the holiday break.

Meanwhile here in Anchorage, former UAA Ski Team alumnus and UAA Athletics Hall of Famer Toby Schwoerer was spotted by an attentive paparazzo last week zooming around on the ski trails at Kincaid Park with a gun slung over his shoulder. It's been a long time since I've seen Toby enter any kind of ski race, but I won't be surprised if he's soon dominating the local beer-league biathlon circuit.

The UAA Ski Team's racing seasons starts for real this coming weekend.  Hang on tight!

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  1. Yeah, when Darcy told me that Toby was jumping into a biathlon race, my immediate reaction was that if his shooting skills are anywhere near his skiing, he could be a pretty darn good biathlete pretty quickly.
    - Gavin Kentch