Saturday, November 21, 2015

We Blame Huey

We were planning to ski slalom at Vail.  But it was kind of a madhouse over there the previous day and training space opened up at Loveland, so over the pass we went.  The snow came in behind us and buried our Loveland slalom hill in deep snow, but at least we had the place to ourselves. Contrary to what most skiers would do, we pushed as much powder snow OFF the hill as we could and got down to slalom training on the ice underneath.

Setting up for our annual race against Colorado Mountain College

Executing the Flying V to push snow off away from the slalom gates



Annamal; grooming the course in a brief moment of sun

Huey had been charging hard all day, taking the "big boy line" and making it stick, and wanted to get as many runs in the plastic as he could.  But toward the end of the session the snow came in real heavy again and we raced to get on the highway, through the tunnel and back down to Silverthorne before getting snowed in... but too late - we missed it by about 20 cars.  The tunnel closed just as we got there.

Sparky - exploring his options.

Moby and Huey


More of the same...

Things weren't looking promising...

Eventually, DOT sent us back down toward Denver, but we managed to snag a room at the Columbine in Idaho Springs.

This morning.  The roads were good, but the drivers not so good.  The traffic jammed due to an accident.
But we did make it back to the house this morning in time for a little breakfast and ski tuning, and we're off to Vail for our final day of slalom in about a half-hour.

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