Thursday, September 24, 2015


Earlier this week, I was perusing the newspapers of the world as I do bright and early each morning before sunrise and I came across some exciting news from Tynset. As you already know, Tynset is the town in northern Østerdalen, Norway where former UAA nordic skier (2008-2009) Nils Kristen Sandtrøen grew up.  But you probably didn't know that Nils Kristen ran for Vice Mayor of Tynset as the Labor Party candidate earlier this week and won! Nils Kristen is a really nice guy, so next time you roll through Tynset be sure to mention that you know the Vice Mayor, and I bet Nils Kristen will give you a key to the city or something.

That's Nils Kristen in the green suit.
And here wearing a different kind of suit.

Congratulations, Nils Kristen!

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