Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Extracurricular Activities

School's almost over. This is the time of year when we usually begin to think about going out crust skiing on our skate skis when we have blue-sky days and clear cold nights.  But with this year's lack of snow, I don't how much crust skiing we'll get. Other activities are available, however.
Kathi readying the Reptiles
Reese Hanneman and Kathi
The group.
It's never a bad idea to dig around in the snow and see what kinds of layers are under there.
A nice place to ski
Kathi far away
Kathi up close
 A couple days later, D and I headed north to see what the snow was like in the Talkeetna Range.

A little thin, but skiable.
A nice day to be outdoors
There have been some big surfing waves coming in to Kodiak lately.

If you don't think that's cold water, think again.
But I'm a lousy surfer and was out there alone so I got beat up, I got an ice cream headache, I got scared, and I got out.

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