Saturday, March 7, 2015

Your Seawolf Starting Lineup...

We've arrived at our team house in downtown Lake Placid New York after an overnight journey across North America by air. It's great to see snow again, and we're exhausted from the lack of sleep on the plane but happy to be here and ready to race!

Mid-load-out at Logan airport.

Saddle up.

Head Coach:  Andrew Kastning
Coming off a week of little sleep as the host of the RMISA Championships last week in Anchorage, Andrew's goal for the day is to stay awake until 10pm before going to bed.

Assistant Coach: Sara Studebaker
Sara knows Lake Placid like the back of her hand after spending more than her fair share of time at the Olympic Training Center here. Sara is our local guide to everything Adirondack.

Clément Molliet comes to the NCAA Championships off a bunch of top-five finishes in RMISA races this winter.
Alex Mahoney aka Wildcard. One of the most exciting guys out there - you never know what's going to happen when Alex goes to the starting line.

Mackenzie Kanady.  Having a breakthrough year. Caught a cold during the RMISA Championships.  Then got healthy again. Ready to race!

Manon Locatelli got off to a frustrating start to the college season, but has steadily gotten faster and faster all winter.  Third place in the RMISA Championships last week shows the upward trend continues. The timing could be perfect... 
Étienne Richard. He's finally back among his beloved maple trees!  Étienne obviously feels at home here, and is relaxed and ready for some fast Adirondack skiing

Kathi Schratt. Her freshman year of college. Her first NCAA Championships. Her first trip to New York. Her best races of the year were last week at the RMISA Championships.  Kathi is ready. 
That's me, the team's porter and waterboy. The last time I saw this much snow in Lake Placid was around 1982 during a mid-winter camping trip in sub-zero temperatures at the KOA Kampground north of town in our family's 1971 13-foot camper that we towed behind the station wagon.  We were probably fortunate to have escaped carbon-monoxide poisoning on that one.
Home sweet home.

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