Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Earlier today, the UAA Ski Team Blog's staff librarian came to me with a confession to make.  The Blog had missed a piece of UAA Ski Team news from February 2013.  This sort of thing isn't supposed to happen here at Blog HQ!  Here at the UAA Ski Team Blog corporate campus, we always say "If it's worth reading, it's on the UAA Ski Team Blog, and if it's not on the Blog, it's not worth reading."  We all recite it together every morning, religiously, at our daily meetings and yoga retreats.  That's why I was so shocked to hear that we'd missed such a personal and intriguing article about two of our former skiers, Steffi and Karl!

Our staff librarian (and several interns) received a serious upbraiding and a very long timeout for their oversight, but I'm glad they had the integrity to come to me and confess their error when they discovered it.  So, better late than never, here's the link to last year's news:  If not for John Schauer, we'd not have seen this - click here for the link!

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