Friday, May 2, 2014

First Training Day of the Year

Yesterday was May 1 and according to Lucky, this meant it was the first training day of the year.  To celebrate, Lucky brought me to Hatcher Pass for some crust skiing. When we got to the parking spot, we found we weren't the only ones who'd gotten up early for some training.
Eric Packer, Lukas Ebner, Reese Hanneman

There was some climbing to get to the Snowbird Basin.

Snowbird Basin - our turnaround spot

There was good skiing on the lake.

It was this warm.

Normally on an outing such as this with Lucky, you'd expect to hear that distinctive crackling sound of  breaking carbon fiber, as Lucky's skis and poles disintegrate around him.  But he made it all the way to the turnaround spot without a single broken ski or pole!  Truthfully, it was a little spooky and I started wondering if perhaps the earth had tilted on its axis or if Jupiter and Mars were in alignment or something, because something just felt wrong!  But then about 100 meters into the return trip, the world was set to right again when I heard the comforting snap of a Triac pole, and knew everything was normal and the apocalypse was, in fact, not at hand.

Eric Packer; Team Stratton; a little norpine action.

It got a little soft in a couple spots near the end of our trip.  Here's Lucky doing his "moose" imitation.

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