Monday, February 10, 2014

Valuable People

Lots of stuff happened over the weekend.  Most notably, Marine and Lukas cemented their standing as RMISA MVP's.  What do all those letters mean?  They mean that for this season, Lukas and Marine scored more points than any other skiers in the Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Skiing Association.  In essence, the best skiers in the west. On their way to winning MVP honors Lukas won two races - one classic and one skating, while Marine won two skate races and one classic race.  Congratulations to Marine and Lukas! Now we have only the most important races left ahead of us:  the RMISA Championships in late February and the NCAA Championships in early March.  Preparations are under way...

Meanwhile at the Olympics, former Seawolf siblings Sadie and Erik Bjornsen raced in the Olympic pursuit races with mid-pack results.  This isn't the Olympic Blog (this is the UAA Blog) so I'm not going to spend the next two weeks talking about every Olympic result associated with UAA because I'd be filling up all the pages with Olympic stuff.  But I will say this:  While I was foaming at the mouth last month talking about all the former and current UAA skiers who are competing at the Olympics, one recent UAA skier flew completely under the blog radar:  Brian Gregg.  Brian skied for UAA in 2005 and 2006, and was an NCAA All-American in 2006.  Brian raced in the pursuit yesterday at the Olympics, and it's a pretty solid bet he'll race in the 50k race on the final day of the Olympics. (Link to Brian Gregg's Blog) And it's my understanding (based on what I heard on the monster TV mounted on the side of the Performing Arts Center downtown on Friday night) that Anna Berecz is qualified to race in all Olympic alpine events, so keep an eye on the women's alpine racing.

As for me, I went back to the Chugach Mountains yesterday and found more than a foot of new snow. Pretty sweet.

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