Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Portage Pass

Lasse, Marine, Erik Bjornsen, Etienne and I jumped in Lasse's Ford Explorer for one more road trip  before he sells it and moves to Copenhagen.  Our destination:  Portage Lake and Portage Pass.
On the road: Lasse, Erik, Marine, Etienne

A short road construction delay along Turnagain Arm

Portage Lake

Portage Glacier

Our destination: Portage Pass in the left background

Climbing the pass

That's Portage Glacier in the background

Passage Canal and Prince William Sound behind Lasse and Erik

Les Francophones et Baird Peak

Heading back home
Portage Glacier

Final exams are over, which makes it easy to relax in the warm sun after skiing.  No need to rush home to schoolwork.

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