Saturday, April 27, 2013


There didn't seem to be much going on in Anchorage today so we grabbed our skis, piled in the van and road-tripped it an hour down the road to Portage Valley to see if we could rustle up some fun...
Viktor doesn't seem too optimistic.

If you click on this picture, it gets bigger and better. Our destination is Burns Glacier, in the center of the picture in the distance.

Portage Glacier - a short stop for a few pictures

Viktor, Erik Bjornsen, Lucky, Davis, and Pati.

Davis, Pati and Marine.
Andrew at the foot of Burns Glacier.
The group.

Marine and Pati on Burns Glacier, with Portage Glacier in the background.

Marine and Pati.

Lukas and Davis.

Lukas and Viktor.

Near the top of the glacier, it started getting a little soft...

...and windy. Here's Viktor trying to keep himself from being pushed over the top of the pass and into Blackstone Bay by the strong tailwind funneling through the pass. For a few moments, we thought we might lose Bente The Dog into Prince William Sound. We didn't stick around up there for long.  I don't think anyone said a word.  We looked around for a few seconds, tried to keep from getting blown over the edge, and got back down out of the wind ASAP.

Blackstone Bay in Prince William Sound.
On our way back across Portage Lake as it started to get cloudy.
Back at the car; a satisfied Coach K.
And a satisfied Lukas Ebner, too.  He must have set a personal record for least equipment broken during a ski outing - only one broken pole?! It doesn't seem possible!

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