Monday, November 5, 2012

Three Days

Saturday:  Skiing at Glen Alps above Anchorage.  Classic skiing on thin snow cover and no set tracks, it was a good opportunity to work on balance and coordination.


Lucky doing some no-pole skiing

John, Davis, Marine, Karina

Practice is over for the day

Mt. McKinley, 140 miles north. Anchorage in the foreground.
Sunday:  No UAA team practice today.  Danielle and I decided to drive north to Nancy Lakes for some ice skating.  The conditions were really good.


Monday. A real no-nonsense workout - grab the ski poles and run uphill for an hour or so:

The warm-down



  1. Nice pictures again! And the weather looks much better :)
    /Viktors Mum and Dad

  2. Yeah, it rained and rained for months... until it got cold enough for snow. Then the precipiation suddenly stopped. But it snowed a little more last night, and we have enough snow to ski above town. Before long, we'll get a change in the weather and then we'll be able to ski in the city. We still have important dryland training to do this autumn, anyway, so I won't be worried about the snow conditions for another two weeks at least.

  3. Sounds great. Here in Sweden where we live, it´s almost the same. But you have more snow, we haven´t enough to go skiing. But soon I hope. Rainrecords have been noticed here to. This is one of the wettest autumns ever. The snow will be welcome!