Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The UAA Ski Team spent the weekend in Hope, about fifteen miles east of Anchorage as the crow flies, but about 80 miles away by car.  Every year around this time, the Alpine and Nordic skiers get together for a weekend of fun and exercise. It's a good chance for the alpine and cross-country skiers to get to know each other a little better because we spend so much of the year training separately.  This year, we rafted Six Mile Creek, and afterward we hiked up Point Hope.  I don't have any rafting photos, but I do have some hiking photos.  After the hike on Saturday, most of the team camped overnight in Hope.  I hope they had warm sleeping bags because it is is getting close to freezing at night these days.

While the team went rafting, I went for a bike ride.  Not my warmest bike ride ever.

Point Hope.  Most of the Nordic team.

Cara, Marine, Karina, Patricia

At the peak.  A majority of the Nordic Team.
 On Sunday, Danielle and I went hiking above Arctic Valley, near Anchorage.  The days are getting cooler for sure.

Symphony Lakes

Anchorage from Arctic Valley.

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