Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Klausmann Show

When we arrived at Hillside Park for our workout today, the first thing we saw was that the grooming crew had ground the ice resulting from this weekend’s Chinook into excellent, firm, skiable snow.  The second notable thing we saw was the brown bear tracks – evidence that our neighborhood bear hasn’t yet gone to sleep for the winter. 

The third thing we saw was Lutz standing in the middle of the ski trail, bleeding all over the snow.  So naturally, I assumed Lutz and the bear had had a difference of opinion about something, and the bear was probably in bad shape. 

But it turned out Lutz didn’t have a problem with the bear.  He had a problem with one of the downhills.  After he had staunched the flow of blood from his nose, we went and shot a little video.

Lutz, Davis & Nevio:

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